What Is An Americano Coffee? Learn About This Classic Coffee Drink

Americano coffee is probably the most common and well known coffee drink on the planet.

We all know the name, and whether you know it or not, you have probably had one before in your lifetime.

But if you are completely new to the world of drinking coffee, then you might want to keep scrolling to start learning more about what an Americano actually is.

We will also discuss the history of this drink, how to make an Americano coffee, and the few versions that come with it!

But if you are in a hurry, then let us quickly breakdown what an Americano is.

Basically, it consists of two shots of espresso mixed with hot water. That’s the basic Americano for you.

However, there are a few variations of this drink, which you will quickly learn about below.

What Is An Americano Coffee

The Early History Of Americano Coffee

According to the historians, the classical Americano as so many of us have come to known dates back to World War 2.

As you may guess, soldiers loved and demanded their coffee on a regular basis.

So much so that the average soldier was going through over 32 pounds of coffee each year.

It was a big operation for the USA military to make sure their soldiers were all getting their coffee over in Europe, but there still were many shortages.

Whilst in Italy, the American soldiers apparently did not like the strong, local Italian espresso.

And so they went on a search to find a way to make the strong espresso a little bit more drinkable.

They found out that by simply diluting their espresso with hot water, it immediately became less strong and bitter, but still provided everyone with their well deserved coffee fix.

And with that, the locals named the drink “caffe Americano”, and the rest is history!

How To Make An Americano The Correct Way

An Americano is really simple to make.

It just consists of espresso and hot water, but you need to make sure you use the correct quality espresso, and combine the water correctly.

When ordering an Americano, it will always arrive as a black drink.

Some people do like to add milk or creamer, but the drink is never served as such.

The Espresso


As with most coffee drinks, the Americano starts with the espresso.

And we need to make sure we get a high quality espresso, as this is always the base of the drink.

You cannot use most other forms of coffee making for a true Americano.

Brewing methods such as drip makers, French press or pour overs won’t work.

The only other type of brewing that may be acceptable is using a percolator.

If you do, however, own an espresso machine, then you are good to go.

The Water

As with other coffee drinks, make sure to use good quality drinking water.

How hot should the water be?

This really depends on you, as there are many people who say it shouldn’t be over 185°F, whilst others say you can take it up to 200°F.

And if you want to add cold water, you’ll be making an iced Americano!

Putting Them Together


So, which goes first – the espresso followed by the water, or the water followed by the espresso?

This is quite the debate, with many coffee geeks arguing for both options!

But from the research we have done, it seems that the popular opinion is that the espresso comes first.

People claim that this way is the “true Americano” and that any other way is simply incorrect.

But in our honest opinion, it doesn’t matter which comes first. We have found that adding espresso shots to hot water is easier when making them it home.

Both taste just as good!

What Is An Americano Coffee??

Do You Really Need An Espresso Machine?

An Americano is made with espresso shots, so it’s difficult to try and make one with drip coffee or a french press.

But as we mentioned before, you could use coffee made from a percolator.

There are also a few K-pods that may come close.

But unfortunately nothing is as good as an actual espresso machine.

So what should you do if you do not own any machine that could make a proper Americano?

Head over to your closest coffee shop and order one!

It’s that simple.

Other Variations Of Americano Coffee

Now a lot of people simply do not care for the boring taste of a black Americano.

Some people simply struggle to consume black, strong coffee. And we get it.

It’s not for everyone.

If you want to, you could add milk or a creamer. This does make it a lot more drinkable.

And if it’s a hot summers’ day, feel free to turn your hot Americano into an iced Americano. It really does make summer even better!


If you are tired of drinking your morning drip coffee every single day and want to upgrade your coffee routine, then getting into the habit of making a caffe Americano will do the trick.

It is definitely a class up from a normal brewed cup of coffee.

And any coffee addict will understand this!

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