Best Drip Coffee Maker For 2022: Ultimate Buying Guide

If you aren’t really sure which coffee making method is best for you and you are slowly discovering drip coffee, then this list of the best drip coffee makers will definitely be useful.

It’s one of the most popular ways to make coffee at home, and millions of people use the drip coffee making method every single morning to kickstart their day.

Unlike a drink such as an espresso, drip coffee is definitely more drinkable for all.

And on top of that, you can let the machine do all the work for you, and there will be enough coffee for the entire family!

When it comes to making your own coffee, there are a lot of different ways you can go about it.

From espresso machines to percolators and the pod machines, there are so many amazing ways to make coffee.

But in this article we will be focussing only on one method – the drip coffee making method.

What Is The Best Drip Coffee Maker?

When it comes to finding the very best drip coffee maker, your options are plentiful.

There are so many really good quality drip coffee makers on the market, but we think we have managed to narrow them down to our very top picks.

So without making you wait any longer, below are our top picks for the best drink coffee makers currently available!

The below coffee drip makers are in no particular order, so feel free to pick any one of the options.

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Technivorm 59612 KB Coffee Brewer

Technivorm is a Dutch industry leader, and they have created this really smart coffee drip maker!

Now the price is in the higher range, but this coffee machine is made to last.

The quality is really high, and it works like a charm.

Within 4-6 minutes you’ll have up to 40oz of fresh coffee ready to be enjoyed by you and your family.

It also brews quietly, and will switch off automatically after 100 minutes. And the drip flow stops when you pick up the pit to pour yourself a cuppa.

Technivorm offers you a 5 year warranty, so you do not have to stress about breakage as you are covered!

Ninja Hot & Cold Brew System

When it comes to a coffee maker that can do it all, this machine really is a Ninja.

You name it, and this drip maker can most likely make it.

From hot brew to cold brew, to making teas, frothing milk, and much more. It’s pretty crazy just what the Ninja machine can do!

So what exactly are the options you have with this machine?

To start with, you have five different brew options. You can pick from classic to rich coffee, or have it brewed over ice or cold.

You also have six different sizes. So if you only want to make one cup of coffee, then you can!

On top of that, you can brew directly into a cup which is awesome and saves you some time.

It’s definitely a coffee maker everyone needs to check out.

Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro

What we love most about this coffee maker is the fact that it comes with its own grinder.

You simply buy some fresh coffee beans, and throw them into the top of the machine. And it will do the rest for you!

This version makes up to 10 cups of coffee at a time, and it will keep your coffee hot for hours at a time.

The grinder also has three different settings, so you can decide how fine you want your coffee ground.

We highly recommend this coffee maker, especially if you are looking for a grinder too.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee

Let’s move away a little bit from the traditional and automatic coffee drip makers.

If you are maybe searching for something a little less electrical, and something more old school, then this pour over coffee maker is just for you.

Pour over coffee makers are really popular.

And for good reason.

First of all, they are really affordable.

And secondly, you can make a single cup of coffee in minutes. You also have total control over the making process.

We love this Bodum pour over coffee pot, and comes with a really cool and practical design.

Making coffee and pouring has never been easier.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Some coffee drip makers can be quite expensive for some, so we added this one to the list as it’s definitely more affordable.

But with the cheaper prices, you do lose some of the fancy features that the other machines offer.

However, you still get a really delicious cup of coffee made. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?!

It comes with the option of choosing how many cups you want made, it self cleans and you can keep your coffee warm after its been made.

Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker

The Breville Grind Control is definitely up there with some of the highest quality coffee makers.

You can control how your coffee is ground, and you also have the option of brewing your coffee directly into a carafe, travel mug or cup.

You pick!

Set the time you want your coffee to be brewed, and wake up to the amazing smell of coffee.

On top of that, it comes with everything one expects from a high quality coffee drip maker.

Bonavita Connoisseur

If you are into a fuss-free way of making coffee, then this machine is perfect for you.

This is definitely one of the easiest coffee makers to use, and you simply push a button and let your coffee brew.

No fancy settings and options, just a simple brew machine!

K-Elite Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a single serve coffee maker, then this K-Elite coffee maker is the perfect choice.

It is probably the most convenient way to make a quick cup of coffee.

Pre heating takes less than 120 seconds, and you’ll have a fresh cup of delicious coffee in no time.

You have the option of choosing five different serving sizes, you can even make cold brew, and you have hot water on demand!

We highly recommend this coffee maker for anyone who just doesn’t like the fuss that comes with making the more traditional drip coffee in a pot.

Pour Over Coffee Making Set For Travel & Hiking

We just had to include this really cool travel coffee making set.

It is really perfect for those hiking trips where you often find yourself having to drink some not so tasty instant coffee.

If you really want to impress your hiking buddies on your next adventure, take along something that’ll make everyone professional tasting coffee!

This set comes with a travel mug, a stainless steel coffee filter, and a case to store it all in.

K-Duo Coffee Maker

Earlier we mentioned a really good single serve coffee machine for those of you who just want to make one cup.

With this K-Duo coffee maker, you have the option of making single serve coffee, or you can brew a pot for your family and friends!

This coffee maker has a 12 cup drip coffee maker on one side, and a single serve pod coffee maker on the other.

A lot of coffee snobs do not like using pods to make single serve coffee, but this machine gives you the best of both worlds.

Mr Coffee Drip Coffee Maker

The Mr Coffee 12 cup coffee maker is one which is right in the sweet sport both price wise and quality wise.

It has a really modern design, it’s easy to use and makes brewing coffee a super simple task.

You can select your brew strength, and it comes with a 2 hour shut off feature which automatically turns off the coffee machine.

Reusable Coffee Filter

Currently I have one of these in my home, and they are super useful.

All you need is some coffee filter paper, and you are good to go.

The great thing about this pour over filters is that they are so easy to use. And we always pack one in whenever we go on holiday.

So we never run out of good quality coffee!

DeLonghi BCO430

If you are looking for a machine that can make drip filter coffee and an espresso, then this machine is the one.

Every now and then we don’t feel like having a cup of filter coffee, and crave having an espresso.

This is even more true after a big meal! As a shot of espresso really does help with digestion.

The drip coffee maker can make up to 10 cups of fresh coffee.

And has a 24 hour programmable feature.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drip Coffee Makers

If you are still a bit confused as to what the best drip coffee maker is, then the Q&A below might help you!

Drip Coffee Maker vs Pour Over – Which Is Better?

In our opinion, they both serve their purpose!

But it depends on what you want out of a coffee maker.

Whilst drip coffee makers are probably the most convenient way to make coffee, they don’t always make the best cup of coffee.

If you had to compare the quality of a cup of coffee made from a drip coffee maker vs a cup of coffee made using a pour over filter, the pour over will always win.

But then again, a drip coffee maker is pretty much automatic, and most can make you 12 cups in one go.

So it depends on your needs.

If you just want to make yourself a cup of coffee, then a pour over is best.

However, if you have the family over, then a drip coffee maker will be easier!

Are Drip Coffee Makers Better Than Most Brewing Methods?

As mentioned above, the quality of coffee from drip coffee makers probably won’t be as nice as say from an espresso machine, a french press or a pour over.

But having said that, we personally know a lot of people who love drip coffee a lot more than ANY other brewing method.

However, there really is only one coffee brewing method where you can make multiple cups of coffee by just pushing a single button.

And that method is the drip coffee making one.

Does Price Matter?

When it comes to price, you can look at it in two different ways.

Firstly, just because a drip coffee maker is more expensive won’t necessarily mean that it makes a better quality coffee. Actually some of the cheaper machines are right on par with the fancy, expensive ones.

So in terms of coffee quality, price does not matter.

But secondly, the more expensive machines come with a lot more functions and features.

Think about some of the machines mentioned above, and what they can do.

So if you are after being able to control your coffee strength, make espressos on the side, preset everything, etc etc, then you might have to pay more.

K-Cups vs Drip Coffee Makers – Which Is Best?

I think we can all come to the logical conclusion that coffee which comes in a pod will never be as fresh as ground up beans you just purchased.

You can usually tell this by simply smelling your freshly ground coffee!

But there is a really large appeal which k-cups have, and that being the fact that they are so damn easy to use.

So we get why so many people use them!


So, what is the best drip coffee maker in our opinion?

There are a few that stand out, but we going to give you our two favorite ones.

Firstly, it’s hard to leave out the Ninja Brew System.

This machine comes with all the bells and whistles, and will keep you and your coffee loving family happy for years to come.

And secondly, if you are after a more basic and robust drip coffee maker, then we would have to go with the Capresso CoffeeTeam Pro.

You’ll get coffee made from bean to pot!

Happy coffee making!