Interesting Facts About Coffee You Definitely Never Even Knew

There are quite a few interesting facts about coffee which we know most people aren’t even aware of.

And in this article we will show you just a few of these facts, and give you something to talk about next time you meet up with friends over a few cups of coffee!

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks.

In fact, over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis.

It’s the one drink that so many people use as the central theme to socializing.

We love meeting up with friends, family members or our partners for a coffee date.

It has become part of our culture, and will most likely never cease to exist!

But did you ever stop and think about where coffee actually originates from?

How it goes from being a plant to being a delicious drink in a cup right in front of you?

Today we have you covered!

We delved deep into the world of coffee, and discovered many interesting facts about coffee which even you most likely won’t know.

Some facts are pretty straight forward and expected, whilst others just make no sense!

Did you know coffee consumption was punishable by death in some countries?

Yeap, keep reading and you’ll learn why!

Facts About Coffee

Interesting Facts About Coffee You Have To See

We bet that a few of these facts about coffee you probably have never even heard of.

Nevertheless, they are definitely pretty interesting.

Below are the most interesting facts about coffee every coffee lover will enjoy learning.

1. Second Largest Commodity

Coffee is the world’s second largest traded commodity.

Only crude oil is traded more than coffee, which is quite crazy to think about.

Whilst most of us just see coffee as a hot or cold drink to enjoy everyday, the business side of it is monstrous.

2. Hawaii & California Only States That Grow Coffee

Out of all the states that form the USA, Hawaii and California are the only states where coffee is actually grown.

All other coffee found within the United States is imported.

Many people say that only Hawaii grows coffee, but California has joined the party recently!

3. Coffee Beans Are Actually Seeds

Facts About Coffee 2

A lot of people aren’t aware that coffee beans are actually seeds.

And if done correctly, you could plant these seeds and let them grow!

Before being roasted, coffee beans are actually green or red in color.

And look a lot more like a seed in this form.

4. Coffee Is Actually Good For You

There’s a big misconception that coffee is really unhealthy.

A lot of people put coffee in the same boat as energy drinks such as Redbull and Monster drinks. This is due to the caffeine.

However, coffee is rich in antioxidants, and has many proven health benefits.

5. New Yorkers Drink 7 Times More Coffee

Facts About Coffee

People who live in New York City are estimated to consume seven times more coffee than residents of other American cities.

Maybe it’s due to the high paced life? Or maybe just the culture!

6. The Most Expensive Coffee In The World Is…

The world’s most expensive coffee is called Kopi Luwak.

Most people have heard of this expensive coffee which comes from Indonesia.

It’s made in a bit of a different way.

Small animals called palm civets feed on coffee cherries. Their poop is then collected and turned into roasted coffee.

The prices are pretty crazy, with a single cup costing upwards of $30.

Worth it?

Definitely not!

7. Coffee Dates Back To 800 A.D.

The first recorded bit of coffee dates back to around 800 A.D. in Ethiopia.

The story is that a goat herder noticed that his goats were acting a bit differently than usual.

Upon further investigation, he found that they were eating the cherries from a “coffee plant.

One thing lead to another, and they tried it out for themselves.

8. There Are Two Types Of Coffee Known As Robusta & Arabica

If you have ever shopped for roasted coffee beans, you would have noticed that these two types are always written on a bag of coffee.

Arabica is the more popular type, whilst robusta is more bitter and strong.

Next time you buy coffee, get both and do a taste test!

9. Finland Houses The Biggest Coffee Lovers

The Finnish people drink more coffee than any other nation on planet Earth.

The average Finnish person consumes about 27 pounds of coffee on a yearly basis.

Whereas the average American only consumes about 11 pounds each year.

Go figure!

10. Brazil Produces The Most Coffee

Brazil takes the lead by quite some way.

After Brazil, Vietnam comes second. Followed by Colombia.

11. Beethoven Loved Coffee

The famous composer was a huge coffee lover, and apparently would measure out how many beans he would ground per cup of coffee.

12. Americans Average $1092 A Year

Facts About Coffee

The average American spends just over a grand on coffee each year.

If you quit drinking coffee, you could buy a new iPhone.

Good plan? We think not!

13. Coffee Grounds Are Good For Your Skin

Maybe you knew this, maybe you didn’t.

However, coffee grounds have many benefits for your skin.

In fact, next time you make a cup of fresh coffee, save the used ground coffee and make your own DIY coffee scrub.

14. Espresso Actually Means “Pressed Out”

The word espresso comes from the Italian language, and has to do with the way in which a shot of espresso is actually made.

A shot of espresso is made by forcing boiling water through compact ground coffee.

This is where the “pressed out” term originates from.

15. Can You Overdose On Coffee?

Apparently you can, but you would have to drink quite a lot!

In fact, they say you could overdose on coffee if you consume roughly 30 cups of coffee in a shorty period of time.

So it’s safe to say it most likely will not be happening to you!

16. Europe Imports The Most Coffee

Out of all the continents, Europe imports more coffee than any other.

Naturally, Brazil is the leader when it comes to exporting, as they produce the most coffee worldwide.

17. Coffee Was Punishable By Death

In Istanbul, whilst still being the Ottoman Empire, coffee was believed to be a mind-altering drink.

And consuming it was punishable by death.

18. Coffee Helped Olympians

During the 1932 Olympic Games in LA, the Brazilian team couldn’t afford to go.

So they got sent in a ship filled with coffee which was sold along the way.

This helped finance their Olympic Game participation!

19. Mecca Banned Coffee

Back in the year 1511, Coffee was banned in Mecca.

They believed that coffee would stimulate radical thinking and so they decided to make the drink illegal.

20. Coffee Can Make You Live Longer

There has been a lot of research done into drinking coffee.

And they have found that drinking a moderate amount of coffee actually has its beenfits.

Some of their findings lead to living a longer life, the reduction of risk of cardiovascular disease and a reduced risk in developing diabetes.

21. One Cup Of Black Coffee Has How Many Calories?!

Facts About Coffee

One regular cup of black coffee only contains one calorie.

This number goes up very quickly when adding sugar, cream and all the other things!

More Facts About Coffee?

We are 100% sure we have left out more facts about coffee, but the ones above are facts we enjoy!

Coffee is such an interesting drink and product.

Almost every household has coffee inside of it, and most of us spend time making a cup of coffee on a daily basis. No matter what!