Easy Tiramisu Recipe: How To Make Authentic Tiramisu Perfectly

This easy Tiramisu recipe is the most representative dessert of the Italian tradition, and also the most famous Italian dessert in the world.

Tiramisu really is a simple yet delicious recipe.

It’s based on simple, basic ingredients that will create a unique dessert in no time!

It is a celebration of freshness, creaminess and contrasting flavors harmoniously tied together.

These flavors range from the bitterness of coffee and cocoa to the sweetness of a smooth egg and mascarpone cream.

easy tiramisu recipe

In addition to loving the explosive taste of this dessert, I feel it is part of my roots because it has always accompanied me in the best moments of my life; as a child and as a grown up.

This is simply because I grew up in Southern Italy where tiramisu was a part of life!

It was the dessert present at many celebrations with my family.

Tiramisu, for me, will never be a simple dessert, but rather a happy moment.

An unforgettable memory of the simplest and most special moments of my life.

But let’s talk about the original and easy tiramisu recipe.

It really is easy to make and easy to master.

The base consists of ladyfingers soaked in coffee, whilst the filling is carefully whipped mascarpone cream. And it is then all dusted with bitter cocoa powder.

That’s it!

To make the best dessert in the world you really only need a few ingredients!

But to make the perfect tiramisu you need some basic tricks so that the various steps do not become a mess.

Below we have laid out the best tips to ensure your tiramisu recipe is simply perfect.

Basic Tips To Prepare A Delicious Tiramisu

Below are a few basic tips that really do help you to make a perfect tiramisu, every single time.


Coffee is one of the main ingredients for our dessert.

The coffee is important as you have to taste it with every bit of tiramisu!

We always choose to make the coffee mocha style.

easy tiramisu recipe

We achieve this by using a percolator (if you prefer instant coffee, make sure to use high quality coffee then).

The coffee should never be sugared, because it must be in contrast with the soft sweetness of the mascarpone cream.

And please make sure you allow enough time for your coffee to completely cool down before building your tiramisu.

Always use good quality ingredients

The choice of ingredients for the realization of dishes is the first step to get a good dish.

From mascarpone cheese to eggs, we always recommend using good quality and fresh products.

Ladyfingers only!

easy tiramisu recipe

Discard the other cookies, as they do not absorb the coffee and cream as well as ladyfinger biscuits.

The ladyfingers are the biscuits par excellence for the preparation of this dessert.

The density of the cream

It serves to hold together the ingredients of the tiramisu, so it must have a compact and dense feeling to it.

It needs to be firm enough to hold everything together.

You’ll see in the recipe below how to achieve this.

Absolutely bitter cocoa

One of the secrets of a good tiramisu is precisely the contrast of flavors on the palate: the sweetness of cream and ladyfingers against the bitterness of coffee and cocoa.

Resting in the fridge

At this point, the tiramisu must take its well-deserved rest in the refrigerator for at least two hours.

If you increase the time, the better it tastes!

Cover it with aluminum foil or plastic film, as sealing it well will make sure it doesn’t pickup any odors from inside the fridge.

Easy Tiramisu Recipe: The Classic Italian Way

Easy Tiramisu Recipe

Easy Tiramisu Recipe

This easy tiramisu recipe is the authentic recipe. It's simple to make, yet tastes really amazing.

Prep Time 30 minutes
Additional Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 30 minutes


  • 4 Fresh eggs
  • 500g of Mascarpone cheese
  • 100g of Sugar
  • 300g of Lady finger cookies
  • 300ml of Cold espresso coffee
  • Enough cocoa powder as needed


    1. Start by preparing the coffee in the mocha. We will need it to be cold.
    2. Divide the yolks from the egg whites into two different bowls.
    3. Whip the yolks with an electric whip, pouring in half the total amount of sugar. When the mixture becomes light and frothy, with the whisk still running, start adding the mascarpone a little at a time. When you have incorporated it all, a thick and compact cream will form. Keep it aside and move onto the egg whites.
    4. At this point, clean the whisks well and whip the egg whites until they are stiff. Pay attention to the egg whites, as they should not have any trace of yolk. Add the remaining amount of sugar to the egg whites and mix again with the whisks.
    5. At this point, take a spoonful of egg whites and pour it into the bowl with the yolks and sugar and fold it together with a spatula. This step serves to dilute the mixture.
    6. Add the remainder of the egg whites a little at a time. For best and smooth results, mix the egg whites into the mixture from the bottom up gently.
    7. Now that your cream is prepared, take a nice dish and spread a generous spoonful of cream on the bottom.
    8. At this point you need to soak the ladyfingers in cold coffee for a few seconds.
    9. Repeat the operation and arrange all the ladyfingers in one direction to obtain the first layer on which to place another generous layer of mascarpone cream.
    10. Repeat the whole procedure for the second layer as well, level the surface and dust it with some unsweetened cocoa powder.
    11. The tiramisu is ready, it only needs to set the cream in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and then it is ready to be served and enjoyed.


This tiramisu can be stored for a maximum of two to three days in the fridge due to the fact we use eggs and mascarpone.

You can freeze it, maybe already divided into single portions, and store it for up to a month. When you want to serve it, just leave it at room temperature for a couple of hours.


Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 517Total Fat: 36gSaturated Fat: 19gTrans Fat: 1gUnsaturated Fat: 12gCholesterol: 261mgSodium: 380mgCarbohydrates: 40gFiber: 1gSugar: 15gProtein: 10g

The History Of The Most Famous Dessert In The World: Tiramisu

The word tiramisu comes from the Treviso dialect “tireme su”, which literally means “lift me up”.

This was later Italianized into the now known word of tiramisu.

A local tradition, in fact, places the birth of this dessert in a pleasure house in the historic center of Treviso, but this dessert has several origins and legends behind it.

The academy of tiramisu places the origins of this dessert in Treviso between the second half of 700AD and the beginning of 800AD.

It would have been created by a madam of a pleasure house in the historic center of Treviso, who offered it to customers at the end of the evenings to invigorate them.

Another connection with the Treviso area is the custom of “sbatudin”.

This is a mixture of beaten egg yolk with sugar, usually used by local peasant families as a restorative or for newlyweds, to which mascarpone cheese, coffee and cocoa were then added.

Another theory claims tiramisu to have been created by a pastry chef of the city of Turin, in Piedmont, in order to support Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, while he was carrying out his political activity in order to unify the Italian territory.

Many other legends are hidden behind the recipe and the origins of Tiramisu.

But one thing is certain, this dessert (thanks to its deliciousness) definitely puts a big smile on everyone’s face!

Tiramisu: Things You May Not Know Yet About This Dessert

Below are a few quick facts about tiramisu you might not know just yet!

  • Many terms of Italian cuisine have become international

The Italian Academy of the Crusca has certified that the word “tiramisu” is now present as “gastronomic Italianism” in 23 different languages.

And in China it is the most clicked Italian word on the web.

  • Tiramisu in space

In 2013 the Italian astronaut, Luca Parmitano, asked for a special menu for his stay in orbit with the Russian Sojuz TMA-09M spacecraft of Esa, the European Space Agency.

And Turin-based chef, Davide Scabin, surprized him with a dehydrated tiramisu to be enjoyed in space!

  • Tiramisu Day

With the support of Eataly, 21 March is officially Tiramisu Day worldwide!

  • Guinness world records

A Tiramisu prepared by Galbani Santa Lucia, in Milan, is the longest tiramisu in the world. It came in at a length of 273.5 meters. This is roughly 300 yards!

50 000 Ladyfingers, 500 kg of mascarpone cheese, 300 liters of coffee, 65 kg of sugar, 60 kg of egg yolk, 70 kg of egg white and 65 kg of bitter cocoa were the ingredients used to reach this goal.

A bit excessive? Just maybe!


This easy tiramisu recipe is really simple to master!

After a few tries, you will be able to make this recipe without even looking at any sort of ingredient list.

Tiramisu is easy. Just make sure your cream’s consistency is not too runny, or not to thick.

Other than that, you will be fine!

If you are a coffee lover, then make sure to check out some of our favorite morning coffee quotes!

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