25+ Creative Gifts For Coffee Lovers They’ll Actually Want

Struggling to figure out what to buy your coffee loving friends or family members? These gifts for coffee lovers will definitely help you out!

We all know quite a few coffee lovers, and this really helps when picking out gifts for them.

Why, you may ask?

Because coffee lovers will pretty much always appreciate any coffee related gift.


Creative Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Below are some of the best coffee inspired gifts for coffee lovers.


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Lifeboost Organic Coffee

If you or a friend or family member are after a coffee brand that’s also focussed on things such as fair trade, being organic approved and having their beans grown in a healthy way, then Lifeboost Coffee is just for you guys.

Their coffee is really good tasting, and they have built up quite the reputation ever the years.

There are 1000s of positive reviews on their shop from happy customers, so you can’t go wrong.

We have selected their 3 bag gift set, which is a perfect gift for any coffee lover, and includes a coffee mug and a few tasty biscottis!

Volcanica’s Brazilian Coffee Gift Box

Did you know that Brazil produces more coffee than any other nation?

Yeap, this is just one more interesting coffee fact you might not have known!

Volcanica have created a really cool Brazilian coffee gift box here, with four different coffee varieties.

The above gift box above includes the following four coffees, all coming from Brazil:

  • Brazil Bracosta Estate
  • Brazil Bracosta Estate Decaf
  • Brazil Yellow Bourbon
  • Brazil Peaberry

Definitley will make an amazing present for coffee lovers!

Milk Frother & Hot Chocolate Maker

Frothing milk can seem like a hard task, and every single person that makes coffee at home always dreams of having perfectly frothed milk!

1st In Coffee have just starting selling this Capresso milk frother, which is an automatic milk frother.

But the thing which we love most about it?

It doubles as a hot chocolate maker, too!

So when the winter months come around, you’ll be using this milk frother pretty much every morning and evening!

Strong Coffee Company’s Morning Fix

Now normally we aren’t always fans of drinking a coffee beverage that comes in an ‘instant’ form, but we just had to add this one to the list.

Strong Coffee Company is making some really epic, unique coffee drink products. With over 10 000 positive reviews, it’s hard not to check them out.

This Morning Fix Instant Latte is not your average instant coffee.

It comes with collagen and MCTs, and is lactose and gluten free.

No more morning jitters or super hunger after drinking!

This is a cool gift idea for any coffee loving friends, as it’s something different for someone to try out.

And at an affordable price point.

Rootless Coffee + Candle Combo

Who wouldn’t love a bag of high quality coffee, and a good smelling candle too?!

If you are currently looking for a coffee gift idea, then buying something like this is a really good idea.

Rootless Coffee Co have been making really high quality coffee for a while now, and have built up a loyal customer base.

CBD Cold Brew On Tap

Cold brew is a really interesting and delicious cold coffee drink.

And the guys over at Jibby Coffee have come up with a really delicious cold brew which is infused with American grown hemp-derived CBD.

The box has about 10 servings in it, and is something a bit different that the usual coffee!

100 Espresso Recipes From Around The World

In this digital book, you’ll be able to learn how to make espresso a lot of ways!

This book is amazing, and starts off with the usual classics, but also dives deep into a few more fancy and unheard of coffee drinks.

If you are giving a friend a coffee gift, then adding this digital download will be awesome.

It’s a must have for any coffee nerd!

Vietnamese Coffee Set

Many people aren’t aware that making Vietnamese coffee is actually really simple, you just need to have some Vietnamese ground coffee and the correct filter!

This coffee set by Nguyen Coffee Supply is the perfect gift for any coffee lover, and makes delicious Vietnamese coffee.

It’s a bit different to the usual coffee which we all know and consume everyday, but it really is tasty.

We think it makes such a great gift because it adds a new type of coffee to anyone’s kitchen.

Spirit Animal Coffee In A Handcrafted Box

Who doesn’t love getting a gift that comes in a handcrafted box?!

Spirit Animal coffee is quite a unique brand, with their coffee being grown at over 5000 feet altitude. This allows the trees more time to mature, leading to sweeter coffee beans!

We know that any coffee lover will love this gift idea, and the box can be used for so many practical things around the house.

Bamboo Drinking Straws

If your friend is quite conscious about the environment, then gift them a set of bamboo drinking straws.

They work a lot better than the paper straws many of us have tried, and hold their form really well.

Bamboo also doesn’t get hot like a normal, plastic straw.

Making it the perfect tool to sip that delicious drink!

Electric Coffee Mug Warmer

This electric coffee mug warmer comes with a really neat docking station, and will make sure your hot coffee or tea doesn’t get cold!

They are really useful during winter, when it always seems that our coffees get cold way too quickly.

Novelty Gift Socks For Men & Women

These novelty socks are perfect for any coffee lover!

They come with a bit of humour, and go well with any guy or girl.

If your friends or family members consider themselves coffee experts, then they will definitely appreciate a pair of these awesome coffee socks.

They really are one of the perfect gifts for coffee lovers!

Latte Art Kit

We all would love to be able to create some of those impressive milk froth art pieces we see so often in various coffee shops.

But the thing is, most of the time we just don’t have the correct tools to achieve any form of latte art.

This kit has it all!

It includes a frothing pitcher, decorating stencils, a latte art needle, mix spoon and a cocoa powder shaker.

Your coffee loving friends and family members will be impressing people with their latte art in no time!

38 Ways To Make Coffee Poster

This poster will make the perfect decor to go in anyone’s coffee corner!

It actually is quite practical, and helps any coffee geek to get more creative and make different types of coffee.

Included on the poster are the usual, classical coffees.

But there are also a few types of coffee most people don’t know how to make!

Coffee Travel Press

We all know a French press, right?

And we know how well they work.

So this awesome coffee travel press will definitely be something any coffee drinker will appreciate.

It’s perfect for any sort of road trip, or even for when you are out the house for most of the day!

Vietnamese Latte Kit

This one is a little bit different to the previously mentioned Vietnamese coffee gift idea.

We have picked the lavender latte kit, and it really is amazing.

It comes with 5 Vietnamese coffee pour over filters, and 5 single-serve condensed milk creamers.

So it is ready to go!

Hustle Juice Coffee Mug

I think it’s fair to say that many of us coffee drinkers see coffee as a hustle juice!

Right before tackling any big, mammoth task, we all love to quickly make some brew first.

This puts us into gear, and ready for anything!

If you looking for a gift for someone who loves to coffee and hustle, this mug is for them.

Soyabella Automatic Nut & Seed Milk Maker

Is your friend or family member a vegan or into drinking vegan milks?

Then you really need to get them this!

A lot of people nowadays prefer vegan forms of milk, but it can be pricey.

So why not make your own with this automatic nut and seed milk maker?

It’s pretty cool, and any vegan would love this as a gift!

World Coffee Tour Box

This world coffee tour box is an epic gift for coffee lovers!

Inside the box you get 16 different types of coffee from around the world, so you can truly get a taste for every single coffee making region.

The box also comes with additional tasting notes, so your friend or family member receiving this will be well informed.

A must buy for any coffee gift, and it comes with the option to add a personal note.

Espresso Cup Set

Having a beautiful set of espresso cups and saucers is always something every single coffee maker wants in their home.

These espresso cups are really elegant, and will be something which any coffee lover will use a lot.

Either for themselves or when they entertain guests!

Lifeboost Coffee Subscription

Lifeboost make some of the best coffee in the United States, so if you want to do something special for someone and get them a coffee subscription, then you cannot go wrong with these guys.

You can choose how many bags you want, how often to have them shipped and whether to get coffee beans or ground coffee.

Wildland Coffee Bags

No one really ever things of drinking coffee via coffee bags, right?!

I mean, that’s strictly for tea!

However, Wildland have created a really cool new product, with raving reviews.

The process of making coffee with these bags is exactly the same as making any tea.

It’s definitely a cool gift idea for coffee lovers, so make sure to check these out!

Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box

Is your friend or family member a coffee lover, and also a chocolate lover?

Then this coffee + chocolate tasting box is a MUST for them!

Each coffee is paired with a slab of artisan chocolate.

The box also comes with tasting notes, so you can really understand the tastes you are experiencing!

Starbucks Lover Gift Set

If the person you’re buying a coffee gift for is a Starbucks lover, then this gift set will be perfect for them!

Included in the set are two Starbucks stoneware coffee mugs which are perfect for having coffee anywhere.

And you also get a dark coffee blend from Latin America, Italy and Indonesia.

Turkish Coffee Set

Turkish coffee is completely different to any type of coffee we are used to in the USA.

It’s made differently, and has a different taste, too.

The important tool to make Turkish coffee isn’t always easy to find.

But this Turkish coffee set has it all!

So if you know someone who will love to learn how to make proper Turkish coffee, then this is the gift for them.

Angel’s Cup Black Box Subscription

Angel’s Cup has some amazing subscription options, and we love their Black Box option!

Your loved one will receive four different unlabelled coffee bean bags, and they’ll come with tasting cards to help you identify which is which!

But they also do give you the correct answers. But it’s a fun way to explore coffee, and any coffee geek will love this gift idea.

Other Ideas As Gifts For Coffee Lovers

The above ideas as gifts for coffee lovers are really awesome, and as coffee lovers ourselves, we would welcome any of these gifts!

If you are looking for something more along the DIY side of things and want to make something personal for a friend or family member, then try out any of these DIY coffee scrubs!

You can make them yourself, and put them into any jar with a seal.

You could also gather some of the best coffee quotes around and have them printed onto a canvas.

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