8 Best French Press Coffee Maker 2022 – Our Top Picks

Thinking about beginning to use a French press coffee maker at home?

If yes, then this guide to French press coffee is just for you!

The French press coffee maker is one of the most popular methods for brewing coffee at home.

It’s quick.

It’s Easy.

And you can serve multiple people at the same time.

The only problem is that there are so many different French press coffee makers around, that it’s pretty difficult to pick just one!

French Press Coffee Maker
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Many people think that the French press is actually how French coffee is made, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Today, we are focussing on finding the best French press coffee maker currently on the market.

Best French Press Coffee Maker

Now we know it can be a difficult task to pick just one French press which stands out. But we do feel we have picked some absolutely awesome ones below.

So keep reading below, and make sure you select one of these awesome French press coffee makers that’ll definitely impress your friends!

Best Overall: Cafe Du Chateau French Press

If you are looking for a French press that is in a good price range, keeps your drink warm, and is made with high quality materials, then this Cafe Du Chateau French Press is the one for you.

It has the capability to hold up to 34oz of coffee or tea, and comes with a really great guarantee.

We also love the look and feel of this press, so you really cannot go wrong!

There is a 4 level filter system, so your coffee grounds will never pass through and end up in your coffee mug!

Best Stainless Steel: Mueller French Press

Our top pick for a stainless steel coffee press is definitely this Mueller French Press.

We love this stainless French press coffee maker.

Not only does it look amazing, but it actually performs well too.

It’s rust free, keeps your drink warm for up to one hour, and is dishwasher safe!

Now a lot of people like using glass French press makers, but you can’t go wrong with a good quality stainless one.

On top of that, the price point is really fair.

Best Design: Bodum Chambord French Press

We added this Bodum Chambord French Press to the list because you can pick your size.

Now we know that there are often times where we just simply want to brew a cup of coffee for ourselves, or maybe just for ourselves and one other person.

Then a large French press just seems like a waste.

With this French press, you can get a smaller size, down to 12oz. Which is the perfect size for when we want to brew some coffee or tea for ourselves!

It’s made of durable glass, and is dishwasher safe.

Best High End: Espro P7 Double Walled French Press

If you are looking at buying something that comes with that extra bit of quality, then Espro is the brand to check out.

Their P7 is one the best French press coffee makers out there, although it does come at a price.

Made from high quality brushed stainless steel, you’ll be making coffee using this press for years to come.

They come in two different sizes – a 32oz press and an 18oz press. And you can pick the usual silver, or go for the cool matte black or white finish!

Best Budget: Bodum Brazil French Press

On a budget? Or don’t want to spend anymore than really needed in order to make a good cup of coffee?

Then this Bodum Brazil French Press is just the one you need to buy!

Just because it’s a budget French press does not mean that it won’t make you a good cup of coffee.

And coming in at 34oz, you can make enough coffee for the entire family.

The press itself is made from glass, with the base and handle being made form plastic.

Best Stoneware: Theo French Press Coffee Maker

Having a French press made out of stone is something which not a lot of people have.

When it comes to heat retention, feel and look, stoneware is really awesome.

We love this Theo French Press Coffee Maker.

Not only does it look really neat, it does a great job at making good coffee too!

Best Travel: Bodum Travel Press

You can get a few really good travel coffee mugs these days, but they all require you to have already made the coffee.

If you want to take your travelling coffee to the next level, then getting a travel French press is the way to go!

This Bodum Travel Press is made of stainless steel, and is the perfect travelling coffee companion.

You’ll be able to make fresh coffee on the go, and a lot of it!

It’s the perfect combination of travel mug and French press.

Best Camping: Titanium Camping Coffee Maker

Take your camping coffee game to the next level with this Titanium Camping Coffee Maker.

Let’s face it, when we go camping we always still require a high level of coffee.

And what better way to ensure we get our caffeine intake than with a French press coffee maker designed for campers.

Made of stainless steel, this coffee maker is super easy to clean, and fits inside any bag!

Buyer’s Guide To French Press Coffee

If you need a little bit more help and some useful information when it comes to buying a French press coffee maker, then this section will do just that.


French press coffee makers come in various forms, and that is particularly true with regards to the materials used.

They can come in either glass, stainless steel, plastic, stoneware or a combination of a few of them.

The most common material used when making a French press is definitely glass. You will notice that most come in this form. But glass can be quite delicate, especially when it meets boiling water.

So this can lead to breakages.

On the other hand, a material such as stainless steel will not only last longer, but it will also retain heat better.

The better materials, such as stainless steel and stoneware, do come with higher prices.

But like with many things in life, you often have to pay for better quality!

Heat Retention

A French press won’t keep your coffee or tea warm for hours on end.

This is to be expected.

But as we said before, the type of material does have an effect on how well the press will retain heat.

Stainless steel and stoneware definitely do a better job at this.

Although in all honesty, we usually drink the coffee so quickly that heat retention is never an issue!


Cleaning most French press makers is relatively easy.

Personally, I prefer to clean a French press by hand. Even if it is dishwasher safe.

But if you are not looking to get your hands too dirty, then make sure to select a dishwasher safe French press.


When picking a size, you need to think about who will most likely always be drinking your French press coffee.

If it is just yourself and perhaps one other person, then there is no need to go for a very large press.

Just remember that the bigger the French press, the more expensive it will be.

We currently have two French press coffee makers at home.

One large enough to serve up to 8 people, and a small one just for 2 of us!


Your French press can be quite delicate especially the ones made of glass.

In the list of best French press coffee makers above, we have mentioned which ones contain a warranty.

But make sure to double check this!

As you do not want to buy a press, and have it breaking within months without being able to get a new one.


If you do not own a French press just yet, then maybe you should jump on board!

It definitely adds another incredible way which you can make and enjoy coffee.

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